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No i do a lot of sport i am in year eight and have a level 6 in p.e witch is good for my age. And i still have the same Grades as other people in my year

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โˆ™ 2009-04-22 15:56:56
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Q: Do students who play sports have worse grades than those who dont play sports?
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Do kids that watch tv get better your worse grades?

sometimes worse... it depends how much you studie.

Kids who play sports ave worse grades?

no. this is not always true. its usaully the kids who dont go out for sprots who are having troubles because they are having troubles in school or just dont care.

How many students in a class if you are the 57th best student and 57th worst student?

If there are 56 students better than you, and 56 students worse than you, there are 113 students in the class. 56 (better) + 56 (worse) + 1 (you) = 113

Can you play sports with a sprained ankle?

You shouldnt, the sprain will get worse

As college students why are you at increased risk for the flu?

More stress, worse eating and sleeping habits, worse hygene.

What does malfunctioning of one system affects the whole mean in education?

If one system is functioning badly, grades of the students in that system will fall. When the scores are counted, including the bad scores from the malfunctioning system and the good scores from other systems, the mean scores will all drop. So by a few students getting worse grades, the whole mean average in education drops. I'm not sure if that is what you meant, but hope it helps.

How can teachers performance affects the students performance?

If a teacher is good at teaching, her students will do better in class, but will do worse if she doesn't help her class learn.

How do you win wii sports?

practice a lot and play against people who play worse then you

What does drugs do to kids?

it will make them do worse in school, have behavior problems,something along those lines or worse i would expect

What are the problems faced by students in at school?

Here are some problems students face at school.BulliesThe bullies in the cartoons may sound pretty funny taking a kid's lunch money, but the bullying today is much worse. In order to stand up to bullying, ask a teacher for help.Bad GradesNo one said getting great grades is easy. Sometimes you have to push yourself to get the best grades possible.Absent? Again?Manys schools have had a surge in absentee rates. Sickness or trips don't count.Family ProblemsA child may have their minds on their families while at school, which may alter grades and performance.

If Sue is both the 50th best and the 50th worst student at her school then how many students attend her school?

There are 99 students at Sue's school. If she is the 50th best, there are 49 better students than Sue. If she is the 50th worst, there are also 49 worse students than Sue. That makes 98, and Sue herself is the only other student. 49 (better) + 49 (worse) + 1 (Sue) = 99 students

Have sports made your life better or worse today.why?

better because there fun and a good work out. :)

Why aren't students responsible enough to report bullying?

because they are scared that the bulling is going to get worse and more physical.

Is there such thing as badder?

Those of us who speak English use the term "worse" instead.

When do people do their homework?

Good students do their homework every day when they get home from school (if they don't have a study period to work in, that is). They realize that it's best just to get it done and then have time for fun later. Poor students wait until the last minute and rush through it, getting worse grades because they did a sloppy job.

How can a school can contribute to develop the moral values of the students?

Students have been fighting, screwing, drinking, smoking since the beginning of time. Teachers giving life lessons will only make it worse

How many people total would expect the quality of the environment to be worse in the following year if half of those who indicated somewhat worse had instead indicated worse?

There would be many people that would expect the quality of the environment to be worse. This is because some people are pessimistic.

Does medical history affect how you can perform in any types of sports?

Sort of because if you get injured and you already had this injury it might be worse.

How can Stress can effect sports performance?

If you are under a lot of stress then your body will actually get physically weaker. If you are weaker then you play worse.

Do students get better grades when supplies are given to them or not?

There is no straight-forward answer to this question. The "obvious" answer is that of course students who have access to supplies will be able to perform better than students without so much as a pencil or peice of paper. There are three other questions that have to be answered in relation, however, which are not quite so clear cut: 1) How many supplies need to be provided? 2) How expensive do those supplies need to be? (Will the kid that only has access to basic paper/pencil necessarily do worse than the kid who has high-end name brand colored pencils?) 3) Does it actually matter if the family/student provides their own supplies, or is this only an indicatotor of how the family feels about education in general?

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For those that DIDN'T support him; they were sent off to prison...or worse.

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You Buy a Deluxe Leisure Sports Manual Wheelchair and use it when you need to.

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