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Q: Do sports stars get paid too much?
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Why do sports stars get paid too much?

To do with fitness required, training levels and 'celebrtiy/fame'. With all due respect they are being paid to much and the Army deserves more.

Why shouldn't sports players be paid too much?

Because they won't try as hard.

Are pro athletes paid too much?

Yes. When teachers are paid 35,000 a year and an athlete gets several million for running around with a ball they get paid too much. Education is more important than sports.

Are pro sports players paid too much?

no because they do the work so they gert paid alot for a good type of reason

How do you use paid in a sentence?

How much do you get paid? I paid too much for my shoes.

How much does a sports agent get paid?

Sports agents are generally paid a percentage of their clients' contracts. According to, agents get about 15% of their clients salary. They get a higher percentage with endorsement deals. This is incorrect! Sports Agents get 3% on wages and 4% on endorsements. More than this you are paying too much.

Do sports players get paid too much?

well, considering the fact that Alex Rodriguez gets paid more than the President of the United States...then yes, sometimes.

What do the stars get paid?

they don't, they are too far for the money to travel haha I'm cool stars are awesome

Are australians too concerned with sport?

Yes, i feel that australians are too concerned with sport. Sports stars are earning millions of dollars a year, yet we have people dying of starvation on the streets and not enough hospitals. the latest sports news is the biggest topic in the media, yet we have amazing people in australia who dont get that kind of credit. Scientists and doctors who save our lives arent even earning enough as sports stars, who have to do nothing but train a lot. I think its disgusting that people are getting paid that much.

Just bought 2000 cadallic seville. want to find out if i paid too much.?

If you have to ask, you paid too much.

How much does bafana bafana get paid?

too much

How much does a teacher get paid in Vermont?

Too much

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