Do sports people have to be healthy?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Do sports people have to be healthy?
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Is sports not healthy?

Sports are actually very healthy, you see sports not only help you loose weight but get active. Also if a friends notices you play sports not only will the take the rold after you, it will become a chain reaction. With all the over weight people sports has taken a huge change in life. SO YES, SPORTS ARE HEALTHY!!

Does crack help you in sports?

Drugs do not help people period, if you play sports you want to maintain healthy.

Is it easier for people who play sports to get pregnant?

No. Fertility has nothing to do with sports. Being healthy can play a part.

Why do people have sports day?

Sports day(s) are mainly to encourage people to be active and participate in sports, this being one of the ways to stay healthy.

Why is personal hygiene important for sports people?

Part of competition is staying healthy. So sports people need personal hygiene to stay at their best.

How sports and fitness affects the young people of Australia?

because they will get healthy er

Why do people who play sports do better in life?

People who play sports stay healthier then the average person. studies indicate healthy people will most likely live longer

Why is Health-Sports Day celebrated in Japan?

This is to encourage people to get fit and healthy for life.

How many people died from not doing sports?

actually people don't die from not playing sports they die from not exercising and keeping healthy

Who does sports effect?

sport effects everyone it keeps people fit and healthy and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Why do people enjoy sports?

they involve competition and people like competition

What are 3 benefits that can be achieved through sports?

Sports help people maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles toned, and make your heart stronger.