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Possibly. However, doctors typically bill based on services, not on time spent.

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Q: Do sports medicine doctors get paid on overtime?
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Do doctors get paid for overtime?

it depends on the doctors

How much do sports medicine doctors get paid?

well approx they get paid yearly around £75,000 - £90,000.

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.?

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.

Do sports agents get paid overtime?

No. They usually work on a commission basis.

How much do sports medicain' doctors get paid?

these doctors make about 95,000 to 5 million dollars a year

Do Zoologist get paid for overtime?

Whether or not zoologists get paid overtime depends upon their pay structure. People who are paid on salary do not get overtime. People who are paid hourly do.

Is employee due overtime payment for doctors appointment at employers request?

If an employer compels you to go to the doctor during paid work hours, it is paid time. If hours exceed 40 in a workweek, non-exempt employees get overtime.

Is it legal not to be paid for overtime?

You're supposed to be paid more if you work overtime.

When you work overtime do you get paid for the overtime when you are on a salary?


Do firefighters get paid overtime?


What is the salary of a physical therapist?

This job is a highly paid job, the average salary is 79,000 dollars a year. This job requires a degree and certification in physical therapy. Many sports medicine doctors are physical therapists.

Does being of the management team mean you will never be paid overtime?

If the management team is paid a salary instead of an hourly wage, then they will not be paid overtime.

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