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Q: Do someone know some football trials SITES?
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How do you become good at football?

Practice a lot with someone you know is good at football

How do you play for a football team?

all you need to do is just play and practice your football alot you sure will get into a football team also if there are any trials then go and trial out for the team you never know you may get in.

How do you write a profile about someone?

I don't know :(, but try typing it in to other sites too. WIKKIANSWERS

How can I find out if someone has searched my name using a search engine?

Yes you can. There are few sites that collect data from Google search and let you know this information. what sites?

Give a list Afro-American football players?

Can someone give me a list of African American football players years 1965-1966. I would like to know if someone can tell me if Fred Freeman.

How can you get to know someone better?

Talk to them, ask them questions...look them up online and check out there myspace or other sites...

Is the inteenimator out for the sims 3?

Yes, but I don't know where it's at on the web sites but maybe someone else can help you!

What were trials like in Tudor times?

boss trials Trials such as they were, did not bear any resemblance to the law as we know it today, they were often biased and over very quickly

What did the Nuremberg Trials accomplish?

because I don't know !! >.<

How does football includes algebra?

um wat algerbra is um something can someone like tell me wat algebra mean cause i have know idea and with football idk

What game sites are not blocked by Air Force computers?

To find out what game sites are not blocked by Air Force compiuters, you would need to ask someone in the Air Force. They would know if there are any game sites that are not blocked.

Where can you learn to play football in mumbai?

You can learn to play football at Shivaji Park, Dadar. There are many coaches to train you in football. There are many other locations as well spread across Mumbai, visit list sites like to know the list in detail

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