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Q: Do soccer players get new kits for every game?
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How is the goalie's colour chosen in soccer?

They kit designers come up with the color, the only requirement is that it is different from the outfield players' kits.

What are the colours of the soccer kits of US?

black and white

How do you line a soccer field?

You actually use different types of field marking kits for this. If for training only, you can use a mini soccer training grid to make a smaller temporary line for group of players that you want to train.

Is there much difference between PES 2013 and PES 2012?

Yes There is toomuch difference in the kits,and we can edit the kits the players are different,the faces of the players are different etc.

How did BlueStar get her kits to follow her to RiverClan territory?

She told her kits that they were playing a game.

Are the Puma World Cup kits Algeria Cameroon for sale in shops as tight as the players kits or more baggy?

The ones on sale are the same as the players have, they are quite a slim fitting shirt.

Who sells the most soccer shirts?

Manchester United sell the most replica kits of any soccer club in the world.

How do you unlock 3rd kits on FIFA 08?

Play Challenge Mode to get points. Then go to EASports Extras and Select Marketplace and then you can buy the kits. Remember to save the game though. You can also Buy footballs, boots for Created Players, Extra EXP points for Created Players, Actions after scoring a goal and more

Where can one purchase model airplane kits?

Every hobby shop sells aircraft kits.

Where do you buy electronic Skateboard kits?


What is better pro evolution soccer 2010 or FIFA 10?

Fifa 10it has better graphics and dribblingreal team names, kits, and playershas more to do and the game modes are betterand is more realistic

Are there repair kits for the Nintendo Game Cube?

Although there are no officially sanctioned repair kits there are third party kits available for sale online and replacement parts for repairs.

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