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Q: Do runner's up at Wimbledon get to keep their trophies?
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How much prize money do winners get for Wimbledon?

Winners £1.000.000 Runners up £500.000

How many points do the men get for winning Wimbledon?

The winner gets 2000 Points for winning the final and runners up gets 1200 Points.

How many trophies have Liverpool won since 1999?

They've won 10 honours since 1999, 15 including runners up medals. Champions League 2005 Champions league runners-up 2007 Uefa Cup 2001 Uefa Super Cup 2001 and 2005 League Cup 2001 and 2003 League Cup Runners-up 2005 Charity Shield 2001 and 2006 Charity Shield runners-up 2002 Fa Cup winners 2001 and 2006 League runners-up 2002 Fifa World Club Cup Runners up 2005

How many trophies have tottenham won in last 10 years?

One league cup (Carling Cup) in 2008. They have also been runners up in Carling Cup in 2002 and 2009

Why did the rulers of ancient Macedonia stop setting up trophies?

What is the evidence that they stopped setting up trophies? The remains of trophies abound down to Alexander's time.

What is the plural possessive of runner-up?

The plural is runners-up. The plural possessive is runners-up's.

What is the plural form of the word runner-up?

The plural form is runners up.

What is the correct term runners up or runner ups?

The correct plural term is runners up.

Which tennis tourmanment played at grass ground?

Wimbledon and the Queens club warm-up for wimbledon

What was the runners up team of the Primeira Divisao in 1951?

Benfica were the runners up of the Primeira Divisao in 1951.

Who were the runners up in the 1988UEFA Champions League?

The runners up in the 1988 UEFA Champions League were the Benfica.

Who are all of dancing with the stars winners and their runners-up?

Who are all the "Dancing With The Stars" winners and runners up?

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