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Some do but the number is few as the marjority prefer to wear swimming trunks as this adds some greater skin protection from studs

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Q: Do rugby player wear jockstraps
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Do runners wear jockstraps?

most do

Why do boys use jockstraps?

Boys wear jockstraps for a few reasons. Some wear them to hold a protective cup. Others wear jockstraps for support, to keep their penis and testicles in place while they run or workout.

Should all boys wear jockstraps?

Boys really should wear jockstraps for sports that require a cup, and for running and working out to support the genitals.

Do boys wear jockstraps?

Yes, many boys wear jockstraps, whether it's for sports, running, working out, gym class, or just because.

Is shinguards in soccer the same in rugby?

No player would wear shin pads in rugby, there is no need for them.

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

What number does rugby player Dan Carter wear?


Why should boys wear jockstraps?

Boys should wear jockstraps for a few reasons. First, they need to wear them for any sports where a cup is needed, to prevent a direct hit. Also, boys should wear jockstraps for non-contact activities such as running or phys ed class because they support the genitals and prevent soreness or injuries such as testicular torsion (twisting).

Other than a jockstraps do football players wear underwear while they play?

They wear under armor.

Do guy's in high school wear jockstraps for phys ed?

i dont but some have to

Should boys wear jockstraps?

While playing sports that is a sensible thing to do.

Do straight men wear jockstraps as their regular underwear?

Some may do but most wear underpants, briefs or boxers.

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