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The rows start with A at the bottom of each Section. So A is better than Z because you're closer to the field.

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Q: Do rows in the dodger stadium have a on top or a on the bottom?
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How many rows are in the new cowboys stadium.... top deck to be exact?

The bottom part of section 400 are rows 1-8. the top part of the 400 section are rows 9-30.

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Each row goes from L to R. Rows go one below the other (top to bottom).

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Sun Life Stadium, in Miami, was the stadium used by the Florida Marlins; and can seat almost 75,000 fans. It will no longer be used after this season. The Oakland A's, however, will continue to play in Oakland Alameda Stadium with a seating capacity of 63,000.

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Where is level 104 row 30 seat 9 at gillette stadium?

Section 104, row 30, seat 9 at Gillette Stadium is on the east side of the stadium (Patriots side), 4 rows from the top of the section.

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Is there a food court at dodger stadium on the top deck that has subway?

No, there isn't. They don't serve Subway at Dodger Stadium. Last year, they were selling sub sandwiches. They stopped this year. however, they do have a small selection at Canter's. You can find one on the third baseline side, by section 45 on the field. Or you can check an issue of the Dodgers' magazine to see if they have one on the reserve level. If you have a top deck ticket, the lowest level you can go for food is the reserve level.

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There are many stadiums in which hitting a home run is easier, with Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati as the easiest. Also included in the top five are Yankee Stadium, Rogers Centre, Coors Field and Dodger Stadium.

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