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If you're talking about soccer referees, I don not believe so.

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Q: Do referees have to wear shin guards?
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Do referees and linesmen have to wear shin guards in football?


Do shin guards really help you?

Of course you need to wear shin guards.

Do you wear shin guards for softball?


Do pro skaters wear shin guards?


Why do soccer players not wear shin guards?

They all have to wear them.

Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

Can you wear metal shin guards in soccer?

Yes you can

Why do they not make high top soccer cleats?

Because they wear shin guards and most of the shin guards go down to your ankles.

How do you wear hockey shin guards?

Slide them on from the bottom of your feet

Do pro soccer platers wear shin guards?

Yes, many professional soccer players wear shin guards. You can see these guards during the soccer games on television, and they are often worn under the socks.

Why do you wear shin guards under soccer socks?

Shin guards are worn under soccer socks because the socks keep the shin guards in place, right in front of the shins. If the shin guards were worn on top of the socks all shin guards without straps would not remain on and even those that have straps that go around the back of the leg will not keep the shin guards in place.

What is the name of the equipment that soccer players wear on their legs?

They are commonly referred to as "Shin Pads" or "Shin Guards".

Why do you have to wear shin guards?

So you can protect your shins from getting hurt.

Is it a must to Wear shin guards while playing soccer with adults?

Not in the slightest

Whats protection in football?

Footballers are required to wear shin pads/guards.

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

What armor did knights wear?

a helmet, shin guards silver armour, a shield and a sword

Is it necessary to wear shin guards during soccer?

yes, ur suppose two wear them under your sock

What must each player wear during a soccer game?

Cleats/boots, shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards, and every one in the game must have at least a matching jersey.

What type of shin guards professional soccer player use?

Professional soccer players are not required to wear any certain type of shin guard. Most soccer players in high level soccer, my team included, wear small tough shin guards that aren't bulky but still offer protection. I myself use Nike shin guards, but there is no official requirement for brand or type.

What do baseball players wear to protect them?

helmets shin gards elbow guards when they are batting and cups

What should soccer players wear?

A shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks and boots with cleats.

Why do you wear shin guards?

Shin guards really help me from getting injured during games. They protect me from getting hit with cleats in the shin and ankle, which really hurts. They also protect me when I slide tackle, since they protect my shin from getting hit with other players' shoes.

Another name for shin covers?

Shin guards

Do shin guards go under the socks?

Yes, shin guards go under the socks.