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Shaving off all body hair does give you a slight edge as you are more streamlined.

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Q: Do professional swimmers need to shave their legs?
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What do you need to shave when you are a swimmer?

Many male swimmers shave their legs, armpits and chest hair to glide faster through the water.

How do you ask your mom to shave your legs?

You just tell her like "Mom i need to start to shave my legs that's what i did"

When do you know you have to shave your legs?

When the hair gets so long that you feel embarrassed. That's when you need to shave your legs.

Why don't men shave their legs?

because socially they don't need to.

When the right age to shave?

I think the right age to shave your legs is 10 if you need to bad and 12 for anyone else

Do you need to go to college to become a professional swimmer?

There are not many professional swimmers. No, you do not need to go to college to be a professional swimmer. However, it would be a good idea to go to college. :)

Why do swimmers need to swim faster?

you just need to have confidence and cup your hands when you swim move your legs as fast as you can and that should do it.

How do you prevent razor bumps?

All you need to do is not to shave on dry skin. Always shave when you are in the shower or you have just come out the shower when your legs are wet.

Should men shave their legs?

If they want to and/or if they are a swimmer or cyclist. I think it's more of a personal preference as well. I have to work out in the south Florida heat during the summer time and find I stay cooler without the leg hair. Personally I just don't like long hair anywhere on my body. I've found that men also get laser treatment to remove the hair to keep from having to shave every week. That is OK, the only exception for men to shave their legs is if they are professional or club swimmers or cyclists. No way would I ever think of shaving my hairy legs, I am a cyclist, one of the reasons why my legs seemed to get so hairy at age 14. However, I enjoy cycling just as a hobby and a good outdoor exercise, I am not a club cyclist and feel that there is no need for me to shave my hairy legs. If I had joined a cycling club I would have been very reluctant to shave them, but I might have had to, I probably would have not been allowed to join if I had refused to shave, however, I enjoy cycling without being in a cycling club, so that means I can have my legs hairy and natural.

Do students need to shave?

It depends on the local standards at the school. I would say in general men and boys who need to shave should. Maybe 1 day of stubble is OK. Women and girls have the choice to shave legs/armpits or not.

What do you do if you are not allowed to shave wax etc you legs and you realllllly need to?

If you are of legal age then you do not need your parents permission. However if you are not then talk to your mother and explain why you want to shave your legs. If the hair is unsightly then I feel sure that she will understand. Mothers are understanding when approached properly.

Can a 4 year old shave her hairy legs?

No, 4 year olds should not shave their legs wait until they are at least 8 or 9 There is no need for them to shave their legs at that age, I think they shouldn't until they are 11.

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