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Q: Do premier league players get paid too much?
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List of English premier league highest paid players?


Top ten highest paid premier league players?

Steven Gerrard

How much money does a professinal soccer player get paid?

In the Premier League players get paid anything up to £200,000 ($318,520.24 USD) per week.

How much to the super league rugby players get paid?

Much more then Australian Rugby League players

Top paid players in premier league in 2010?

Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand Drogba.

English premier league highest paid players?

It is Carlos Tevez with 250,000 pounds a week.

How much do Irish league players earn?

Compared to Barclays Premier League players they get paid very little. A top player would be on maybe £1000 a week and most players would be on £100-300 a week. Most of the players still have full time jobs.

Who are the highest paid players in the Barclay English premier league?

david silva and rioba van fortune

Who is the highest top 10 paid soccer players in absa premier soccer league?

Ellias Pelembe

Who is the highers paid Nigeria in english premier league?

to me obi mikel is the highers paid nigeria in english premier league.

Who is the English premier league highest paid players?

Highest Paid Barclays Premier League playerWayne Rooney Manchester United £250,000 a week

Do rugby league players get paid to much and why?

In comparison to American football players and soccer players they certainly are not over paid but for the top players its considered that they may be under paid

The highest paid soccer player in English premier league?

who is the highest paid soccer player in the English premier soccer league

Should footballers get paid as much as they do?

The answer's obvious, NO! They are all paid way too much, especially those in the Premier League.

Who are the highest paid barclays premier league players?

Yaya Toure of Manchester City Steven Gerrard

How much do Western Hockey League players get paid?


How much do NBA summer league players get paid?


What is the salary of football players in the welsh premier league?

most players would have an average salary of £15000 per year but tns players would get paid about £30000 per year

2009-2010 English premier league highest paid players?

the legend captain john terry 155,000 per week

Are second division soccer players paid?

Definitely. In fact, when West Ham United was in the championship in the 2011-2012 season, some players were paid more than the rock bottom teams in the premier league

What premiership managers get paid?

All of the Premier League manager get paid.

Who is the highest paid coach in the English Premier League?

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) is the highest paid English premier league caoch with a salary of £4.5m per month

Who gets paid the most in premier league?


How much do league 1 players earn?

Players like Jermaine Easter get paid £500 per match.

Do cricket player get more money or football players?

It is hard to say, some of the highest paid Indian Premier League players get paid huge amounts of money but it on a year long basis, some of the top European footballers would have still got paid more.