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  • 01 - Goalkeeper
  • 02 - Right back
  • 03 - Left back
  • 06 - Centre back
  • 05 - Centre back ('Libero')
  • 04 - Defensive midfielder
  • 07 - Right winger
  • 08 - Centre midfielder
  • 09 - Centre forward
  • 10 - Offensive midfielder (playmaker) / Second striker
  • 11 - Left winger


1 - Goalkeeper

2 - Right back

3 - Left back

4 - Stopper (in front of 5 a little to the right)

5 - Last man (Center back - closest to the goalkeeper)

6 - Middle fielder (the only true midfielder - a little to the left to offset 4 - should be a good ball dribbler)

7 - Right winger

8 - Striking midfielder (behind 10 a little to the right)

9 - Striker (the only true striker)

10 - Striking midfielder (between 8 and 9 a little to the left - should be a good ball dribbler)

11 - Left winger

The following numbers are mirror images of each other: 2 & 7, 3 & 11, 4 & 8, 5 & 9, and 6 & 10.

^his answer isn't true I've Been playing soccer for 14 years and a player gets whatever Jersey they want and the goalkeeper usually chooses number 1 and the star players usually choose numbers 7-11

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Q: Do player numbers in soccer correlate with certain positions?
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