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Soccer was played in Croke Park during the redevelopment of Lansdowne Road, between 2007 and 2010. Normally just Gaelic Football and Hurling are played in Croke Park.

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Q: Do people play soccer in croke park?
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Who was the first two teams to play in Croke Park?

Try the link below to the history of Croke Park.

What band plays at Croke Park?

There are many concerts at Croke Park, but it is a sports venue. The band that most often plays there is the Artane Band, who regularly play at many of the sports events there.

Where does the players play in the All Ireland final?

The All-Ireland finals are played in Croke Park in Dublin.

Where they play soocer?

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What sports are played at Croke Park?

The two main sports played in Croke Park are Gaelic Football and Hurling, which are Ireland's national sports. They are played throughout the year, but most especially during the championships for the two sports during the summer months, culminating in the All-Ireland finals, which are played in September. Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie, which is the variation of Hurling that women play, are also played there. Rounders has been played in Croke Park too. In recent years rugby and soccer were played in Croke Park, while a new stadium for those sports was being built. In the past some other sports have happened in Croke Park. Muhammad Ali fought Al "Blue" Lewis in Croke Park on the 19th of July 1972. American Football has been played in Croke Park on a number of occasions when teams from the USA came to Ireland to play. Gaelic Football players and Australian Rules Football players have played a special game which is a mix of their two sports. Hurling players and Shinty players have also played against each other in a game which is a mix of their two sports.

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What 2 teams are playing in the 2015 All Ireland Camogie senior club final in Croke Park on Sunday 1st March?

Oulart-The-Ballagh of Wexford play Mullagh of Galway in the All-Ireland Camogie Senior Club Final 2015 on the 1st of March 2015 in Croke Park.

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