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There are no death storylines in pro Wrestling, the tributes you see are of real people.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-17 04:56:32
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Q: Do people in wrestling really die or is it just fake?
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How do you know wrestling is fake?

i get tired of people calling wrsetling fake its not fake. okay? got that? it is just choregraphed but it still hurts anyone who says its fake should try wrestling and then see how fake or real it really is. I agree I'm also tired of people saying "you know its fake"

Is wrestling is fake?

WWE wrestling is fake. It;s just for entertainment. but normal wrestlng is a contact sport.

Why do people find wrestling so good when it is so fake?

Just because something is fake does not make it bad. There are hundreds of fictional shows on TV that people enjoy watching. Its like kids at a magic show ... magic is just an allousion.

Should fake wrestling be allowed on TV?

If the fake wrestling you are refering to is pro wrestling then the answer is yes. Pro wrestling generates a large audience, just ask USA as they televise WWE Raw. People love watching pro wrestling because it is athletic theater. I'll tell you what should be allowed on TV: Poker! Why the HECK are poker tournaments broadcasted on TV?! Well that is my opinion...

Did Andy Sixx really make that cut on his face or what?

No it is just fake to make people think it's real like the world is not going to end in 2012 its just fake.

How many people out of ten believe that wrestling is fake?

wrestling can be about 50% to 80% fake determining what kind! If it's a circuit or local wrestling chances are they're really injuring each other, but smackdown and raw wrestling (TV viewed) have scripts to make there show more interesting! As with any organized wrestling sport (exept school wrestling) the winner is pre determined to insure the two people fighting don't seriously injure each other trying to win. So yes I think TV wrestling is fake in most way's but in TV wrestling and local circuit wrestling, they are trained to make sure there moves don't break bones! They have loads of practice perfecting there tricks so that they don't screw up and put someone in a wheelchair for the rest of there life. There is always realism in wrestling even if it's just 2 kids pretending to wrestle outside, there will always be moments when someone actually hits one another!

Is ring of honor fake?

Just like any pro wrestling it is pre-determend but also like any wrestling all the bumps are real

WWE just acting or really wrestling?

It is both! The storyline is acting the actual wrestling moves are not.

Are there some people who fake homelessness?

Yes, there are people who will fake just about anything.

Isn't some of wrestling real?

yes in fact most of it is real but some of wrestling is fake Many moves are real, they just know how to do them to decrease damage.

Why do people make fake accounts?

some people do it to just make different accounts. i dont really no. its there own personal thing.

Does a girl named clarissa really kill people im scared?

DON'T WORRY! IT IS SO FAKE! IF U SEARCH IT UP AT THE INTERNET. PEOPLE WILL SAY IT IS FAKE. and it is fake. they try to scared u. Stay calm. Just a rumor.

Is wrestling fake or real because some times it looks real and other times it looks fake?

fake... but they do it pretty well... just imagine it as a live movie... or a theatre or something like that...

How could wrestling be fake if its live?

because it isn't fake those people who say its fake are just some nerds who spend time on watching videos on the perfect angle that is seems to be fake but it isn't if you go life to a match en someone is hitting a chair on hes oponnent's face and the blood is flying around THAT ISNT FAKE . THERE IS A FAKE PART ! the fake part on wrestling is the story's as example : triple h beating of the spirit squad whit Shawn michaels because of that chair around the leg of Shawn THATS FAKE because Shawn michaels is in raw en mr macmahon almost is the boss of raw a couple a story's is for the fun and the kick of the people but normal wrestling is real those guys wrestling is their job its a competition like a football season its a competition is their job thx and sorry 'bout my English

What is the reality of wrestling?

there is no reality of it, its just fake... edit: olympic and highschool wrestling is very real and is all about showing which wrestler is the most dominant on the mat.

Are the creepypastas real?

No. All the Creepypastas are really fake. They just like to scare people. Don't be creeped out or scared from any creepy pasta. They are all 100% fake :)

Is Wrestling better than Pokemon?

In my opinion Wrestling is a lot better than Pokemon because wrestling isn't fake(some wrestlin is fake though)so is Pokemon)but wrestling is better another answer:heheheh most wrestling is fake- well wrestling IVE seen lol. i mean have u seen wwe?! LOLLLL!!! anyways in my opinion i like Pokemon cuz they get way more intense and they can beat up humans... except for me- they love me. it really just depends on ppls opinons no matter wat question like vs bakugan. but i will always say Pokemon.

Are WWE's mud wrestling events real or fake?

It's real fake wrestling. It's just for fun and you get to watch a couple Amazon Women act like they're actually wrestling. Inevitably, one or both get some item of clothing ripped off (it's probably planned), but since they're covered in mud, you can't really see anything. It's good, clean fun, in the mud and nobody gets hurt.

Why is wresiling fake?

First it is "wrestling." It is fake because the wrestlers pretend to hit their opponents. It is just like acting, where an actor pretends to slap another.

Is Jerry Springer's show real?

No its not real! look at them fight its sooo obvious its fake its just for entertainment just like wrestling a show =)

Are the ladders fake in wrestling?

No, just aluminium. Sometimes steel fire ladders are used but rarely for slams and piledrivers.

How do you get into arm wrestling?

You just ask someone to.... and they'll do it. Eventully you will be a pro at it...then if you really like it you can go to arm wrestling school!!

Can people become werewolfs?

No not really. that's just fake. but i'm pretty sure pple are crazy and want to be a werewolf.

Is lucha libre wrestling fake?

No its not fake because it has been used even before wwe Sorry but yes it is scripted just like WWE and TNA

Was ECW real?

ECW is just as real or fake as regular wrestling except it was a more violent and fast paced federation compared to WCW or WWF . Wrestling is 50 percent real and 50 percent fake sure its scripted but if your hit with a chair that hurts I don't think there is one wrestler who has never gotten an injury from wrestling.

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