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give them to the equipment manager to be washed

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Puts them in the players locker. Then he rubs the callouses off of Michael strahans feet.

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They go back to there regular lives, and to be around their family.

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Q: Do old football players keep their jerseys?
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Does NHL 11 have every old team?

NHL 11 has all of the old jerseys but none of the old players.

Why did old football equipment change?

Old football equipment changed because it was not safe for the players.

Is there a term for old college football players?


How old are most pro football players when they start to play football?

They are most likely to be 21-24

What is a sentence using reminiscently?

the football players reminisce about there old playing days

Why are players names not Ohio state jerseys today?

because they where honoring the graduates of the year 62 by wearing their old uniforms. i think it was 62? if not a year in the 60's but they where wearing their uniforms so they didn't have names cuz it wasn't their actual jerseys.

What is the difference between Reebok NFL jerseys and Nike NFL jerseys?

The main difference between Reebok NFL jerseys and Nike NFL jerseys are the construction and material. The new Nike NFL jerseys are 20%-30% lighter than the old Reebook NFL jerseys.

Is the jets going to be in NHL 12?

Yes. They will be in NHL 12. Just not the Jerseys .They will have the old jets jerseys.

How has football in 2009 changed from football in the 1980s?

Players have gotten faster and quicker and stronger. Making it a passing game. When people refer to old time football they talk about running up the middle.

What is gh on bears jerseys?

old coach george harris

What are the differences of new basketball and old basketball?

the jerseys are different

How old is the oldest football?

There are hundreds of thousands of players, making it very difficult to track statistics on all of them. Some players, specially goalkeepers in less competitive leagues, play into their early 40s.