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No... I just sucked nipples and they wont change in size they will only get hard lol big nipples are just genetically inherited

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โˆ™ 2012-03-24 04:08:21
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Q: Do nipples get bigger if they get sucked on?
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Do girls like to get their nipples sucked?


Do women like there nipples sucked?

Most do.

Can you tell when a womens nipples have been sucked on?

Not typically.

Do girls like having their nipples sucked?


Do your nipples get hard when you are pregnant?

yes, they get ready to get sucked on

Can boys nipples licked or sucked?

its rediculous but yes!!!

What do girls feel when they get there nipples sucked?

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Can you suck girls nipples?

Yes you can some girls like there nipples sucked on some don't you can

Do nipples become big by over sucking?

Well ye I had my nipples sucked and they got better

Do nipples become big over sucking?

Well ye I had my nipples sucked and they got better

Why do girls like their nipples sucked?

the girls like their nipplles being sucked because it makes them horny

Do men usually like having their nipples sucked?


Why do men like when their nipples are sucked?

because it makes them horney.

How can you check tht girls breast has sucked before or not?

if you pinch her nipples and it hurts her then they have been sucked before

Your nipples look darker and bigger why?

The nipples look darker and bigger as you may now be pregnant.

When your nipples are being sucked do you feel contractions in your vagina?

No, it just feels good. The vagina and nipples aren't connected

Do girls get stimulated when they have their boob sucked on?

Yes they do, some prefer to have their boobs sucked, bit on, and massaging nipples using hands.

Why are your nipples sucked in?

Your nipples are probably not "sucked in", but simply inverted. Some people's nipples are just naturally this way, and is not harmful or bad in any way. Everyone's breasts and nipples vary wildly, despite what you see in the media. Inverted nipples are not normally an issue for breastfeeding or anything else. Surgery is possible to change the shape and protrusion.

Do bigger nipples mean bigger breasts?


Why male have nipples?

Because its also in a way a sexual organ when our nipples get sucked we do feel pleasure and they look awesome on us ;)

What are padded bras made for?

This is for to make you to have bigger breast/nipples to have cups in the bra to have the illusion that you have bigger breast/nipples.

What are those things that make your nipples bigger for boys?

The genetical factors are the things that make the nipples for the boys bigger.

Do girls like their nipples sucked?

Hell yes they find it very sexy

Does a female rabbits nipples get bigger when pregnant?

Yes they get bigger

How can you make your nipples bigger?

to make them harder and bigger ice