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yeah but you can't touch a pair for under 80$ at least.

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Q: Do nike Air Jordan xx3s come in youth sisez?
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Do Jordan own Nike?

Nike owns Jordan.

Who is the owner of Jordan brand?

Yes, but I believe that NIKE took some credit from the Air Jordan Retro 1 OG.

Is Jordan better than Nike?

yes, because jordan is more exspensive material.

Does Nike own Jordan?

Yes, Nike owns the Jordan brand. The Jordan Brand was created in 1984 in partnership with basketball legend Michael Jordan. It is a subsidiary of Nike Inc and is known for its iconic line of basketball shoes and apparel. Nike has successfully built the Jordan brand into a highly recognized and influential brand in the sports and fashion industry. If you want to get more fashion information from Nike, {WeeReplica} is a good place to start.

Who endorses the latest Nike shox running shoes?

I believe Michael Jordan and Nike shoes are connected forever. You can not think of Nike with out thoughts of Michael Jordan crossing your mind.Michael Jordan endorses the latest Nike Shox running shoes

What are jordans called when they have a Nike and Jordan on it?

They are just Jordans. Nike owns Jordan and that's why on retro jordans you see nike air a lot. The OG or original jordans had nike air on them and that's why when the Jordan 3 and 4 came out with nike air on the back, it was a big deal.

When did Jordan leave Nike?

Michael Jordan has not left Nike. Over the years, the partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike has been highly successful, leading to the growth of the Air Jordan brand and establishing it as one of the most popular and enduring sneaker lines in the world.

Does nike own Jordan shoes?

Yes indeed

Is Nike Michael Jordan's compeny?

no, nike is just a HUGE sponsor of his.

When did Jordan break away from Nike?

Nike Jordan basketball shoes can be purchased from the online retail store called Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of shoes in the shoes section. Nike basketball shoes are for sale, brand new and used. A good place to purchase Nike Jordan Basketball shoes is the website eBay or WeeReplica on the internet.

What shoe did Michael Jordan wear his NBA debut?

Only the classic that started it all... Nike Air Jordan 1.

Do they make youth sizes of the Nike vapor jet?

Yes every shoe nike makes, there is a youth size in some store or the other