Do mussels have muscles

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Bivalves (which include the Mussel family) do have muscles. The muscles are in the creature's 'foot', which is typically used for digging.

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Q: Do mussels have muscles
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How do you spell muscels?

Muscles is spelt "muscles" when referring to the muscles of the body. If, however, you are referring to the shellfish, then it is spelt "mussels".

What is the homophone for muscles?


How do you spell mussles?

muscles for the muscles in your body. Mussels for the shellfish

What is a homophone for muscles?

Mussels (a mollusc).

Something you see at the beach starting with m?

Muscles, mussels, mollusks, men, moonlight, Motorboats

Where do mussels live?

They live in Freshwater. (Freshwater Mussels.) They can also live in Saltwater. (Saltwater Mussels.) Mussels are kind of like a clam, not to be mixed up with muscles.

Do mussels have meat in them?

yes. muscles have meat in them

How do you improve muscles?

You can improve muscles by exercising and adding protein to your diet. You can improve mussels by choosing recipes that allow the natural flavor of the mussels to be enhanced. Many people serve mussels with simple garlic and butter sauces.

What happens to your muscles when you exercise and get hot?

Your mussels create lactose acid and some little strings of mussels rip and tear. To mend the mussels, eat calcium.

The valves of clams and mussels are opened and closed by what muscles?


How many muscles does a bee use when it stings you?

14 miniature mussels form the stinger another 3 mussels control the rectum of the Bee from which the other mussels leave. So a total of 29 mussels

How do you spell muscly?

muscles as in body muscles? or mussels as in sea mussels like mollusks?