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yes they do.

These are the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 2012 national numbers for pro-licensed riders competing in Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, and the Lucas Oil AMA Pro MX Championship for the 2012 season.

All riders must use the assigned national number for competition as listed. In addition, the current champion must run the No. 1 plate when competing in the class or region in which the No. 1 plate was earned. When competing in a class outside of the class where the championship was earned, the rider must use the assigned national number.

2012 Top 100 and Career AMA National Numbers for Supercross and Motocross:

*Career Numbers

**New Career Numbers for 2012

1 (SX/450MX): Ryan Villopoto

1 (250 MX): Dean Wilson

1 (SX Lites West): Broc Tickle

1 (SX Lites East): Justin Barcia

2*: Ryan Villopoto

3*: Mike Brown

5*: Ryan Dungey

7*: James Stewart

9*: Ivan Tedesco

10*: Justin Brayton

11*: Kyle Chisholm

12**: Blake Baggett

14*: Kevin Windham

15*: Dean Wilson

16*: John Dowd

17: Eli Tomac

18*: David Millsaps

19: Kyle Cunningham

20: Justin Barcia

21: Jake Weimer

22*: Chad Reed

23: Gareth Swanepoel

24*: Brett Mecalfe

25: Broc Tickle

26*: Michael Byrne

27*: Nicholas Wey

28*: Tyla Rattray

29*: Andrew Short

30: Alex Martin

31: Martin Davalos

32: Tommy Hahn

33*: Joshua Grant

34: Cole Seely

35: Darryn Durham

36: Kyle Regal

37: Malcom Stewart

38: Marvin Musquin

39: Tye Simmonds

40: Gannon Audette

41*: Trey Canard

42: Ricky Dietrich

43: Christian Craig

44: Jason Anderson

45: Nick Paluzzi

46: Les Smith

47: Chris Blose

48: Jimmy Albertson

49: Justin Bogle

50: Nico Izzi

51: Travis Baker

52: Ben Lamay

53: Ryan Sipes

54: Weston Peick

55: Lance Vincent

56: Austin Stroupe

57: Jake Canada

58: Will Hahn

59: Vince Friese

60: Matthew Lemoine

61: Austin Howell

62: Travis Sewell

63: Colton Facciotti

64: Matt Boni

65: Ryan Morais

66: Jason Thomas

67: Scott Champion

68: Shane Sewell

69: Jimmy DeCotis

70: Ken Roczen

71: Kevin Rookstool

72: Jarred Jet Browne

73: Joshua Clark

74: Tyler Bowers

75*: Josh Hill

76: Calle Aspergren

77: Lowell Spangler

78: Tommy Weeck

79: Tyler Medaglia

80: Kyle Keylon

81: Robert Kiniry

82: Justin Sipes

83: Kyle Partridge

84: Killian Rusk

85: Robert Marshall

86: Taylor Futrell

87: Matt Goerke

88: Ben Evans

89: Tyler Bright

90: Bryce Vallee

91: Dalton Carlson

92: Hunter Clements

93: AJ Catanzaro

94: Cole Siebler

95: Chris Plouffe

96: Kyle Peters

97: Jeremy Medaglia

98: Tye Hames

99: Sean Hackley Jr

377*: Christophe Pourcel

800*: Mike Alessi

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Q: Do motocross racers have assigned numbers?
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