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Porn is the most watched

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Q: Do more people watch basketball than any other sport in the world?
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True or false more people watch basketball than any other sport in the US?

true, more people watch basketball than any other sport in the united states.

Why most of the people likes to play and watch basketball?

most people like to pplay and watch basketball because its a very exciting sport.....i myself oplay basketball and watch........i hope i answered ur question

What source most likely contains bad evidence for a claim about why basketball is an interesting sport to watch?

A newspaper article about why few people watch basketball

What is a larger sport soccer or basketball?

Basket Ball Because Many People watch soccer but more play Basketball.

What impact did basketball make for the English people?

Basketball is played in English schools, but it is still a small sport compared to Soccer. Not that many English people watch Basketball.

What is the most famous sport?

In the United States, most people watch Football. And Basketball is the second most popular sport. Then it is Baseball.

What is logan Henderson favorite sport?

His favorite sport to watch is basketball.

What is the highest paying sport football basketball or baseball?

I THink Its football because alot of people are getting updates and watch it and alot of people watch it for the super bowl.

What is Selena gomez's favorite sport to watch?

Selena Gomez loves to watch basketball

Why should people watch basketball?

No reason!! If you enjoy the game or are interested in the rules or the sport. Watching basketball is a way of bonding between friends and family members.

Do more people watch basketball or soccer?

It is likely not even close. Soccer is the most played and loved sport on the planet.

What is Rihanna's favorite sport?

She didn't play sports, but her favorite to watch is tennis.rihannas favourite sport is socer

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