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In the United States, more people attend football games on average, but soccer is continuing to gain popularity. The NFL teams only play 16 games, while MLS teams play 34 (based on 2012 regular season schedules). Soccer is relatively new as a professional sport, and most people do not consider it one of the "major league" sports along with football, baseball, Basketball, and hockey, despite the fact that the ML of MLS stands for Major League (much like baseball).

Worldwide, soccer has a broader attendance than any other sport. The FIFA World Cup tournament has stronger television ratings worldwide than the World Series of Baseball, the NFL Super Bowl, NBA Championships, The Stanley Cup, WWE Wrestlemania, and the IOC's Games of the Olympiad. But the main reason soccer has such great cumulative attendance is because more games of professional soccer are played worldwide than any other sport.

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Q: Do more people come to a soccer game or a football game?
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