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Most of the time they wear shorts instead but it would be funny to see a boy wear a Netball dress playing netball

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Q: Do men have to wear skirts or dresses to play netball?
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Do Male Players in Netball have to wear skirts or Dresses?

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

Why do woman wear skirts and dresses?

The reason woman wear skirts and dresses is because that is the way God attended us to dress.

What did the 1950s girls wear?

Skirts and dresses

What do netball players wear while on court?

we wear clothes like skirts and top and netball shoes

Why do netballers wear dresses to play a netball game?

Most netballers wear dresses but some wear a skirts and tops. The reason for the short dresses is because they're mad out of light material so not only will it keep them cool and refreshed but because they are short they can't get caught on anything and they don't catch the wind. Therefor they can run faster and not have to struggle.

Why does she like netball?

Netballis a sport which females love and you get to wear cool netball skirts.

Do Jewish women have to wear skirts?

Orthodox Jewish women will only wear dresses or skirts, as a form of modesty.

Do Ireland women wear skirts?

Lots of women in Ireland wear skirts. They also wear trousers, dresses, jeans etc.

Do Irish women wear skirts?

Lots of women in Ireland wear skirts. They also wear trousers, dresses, jeans etc.

What did girls wear when girls couldn't wear trousers in public?

skirts and dresses

What do Indonesians wear?

short skirts and dresses to impress boys ;)

What do Sioux women wear?

buffalo skin dresses and skirts.

What did the cheyenne Indian women wear?

Dresses,leggings,and skirts

What are the everyday clothes they wear in the Netherlands?

they wear shirts dresses and skirts also jeans

What kind of clothes they wear in Congo?

maybe dresses and long skirts

What clothes does Coretta Scott king wear?

Black dresses and skirts

What did girls wear in Elvis's time?

Dresses, long skirts, vests.

What clothes did women wear in the Civil War?

Skirts and blouses or dresses.

How do dresses or skirts feel to wear?

Try one on if you're curious!

Why do pentecostal women wear dresses?

we believe that God wants us to look different from Men so we wear skirts or dresses

Why do netball girls have to wear skirts?

Skirts really help in netball, because they keep you cooler than shorts when you're running around, and if you wear matching underwear you don't have to be shy about showing them when you jump. I always wear a skirt and netball underwear when I'm practising, and my game's really improved.

What does Coretta Scott king wear?

She wore skirts and dresses all the time.

Can boys wear netball skirts?

Frustratingly no, it's usually not allowed in schools or netball clubs and boys have to wear shorts instead. I wish it weren't, because I'm a boy and that's what I wear when I practice at home, with netball knickers underneath. The skirt keeps you cool when your running around and netball knickers give more support than regular boys' underwear. At home I play well, but at school in my shorts I get hot and flustered and usually lose to the girls I'm playing against. I wish we could wear netball skirts, it'd make it easier to play against the girls.

What special clothes do people in Scotland wear?

what clothes do Scotland people wear?they wear some skirts and dresses ect?

What did Native American Women wear?

jingle dresses,manta dresses,ribbon shirts,seminole patchwork skirts,one pice dresses, and Cheyenne buckskin dresses.