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No. Sport is sexist.

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Q: Do men and women get the same amount of money in sports?
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Salaries of men and women?

sadly men and women do get different amounts of money sometimes. But they are SUPPOST to have the same amount of money given to them if they are doing the same job.

What sports do women get paid the same amount as men?

Very recently Wimbeldon and French tennis championships.

How much less money do woman make then men?

women can make the same amount of money as men you are so sexist

Should we pay money for bigger sports than little sports?

Yes, bigger sports need more money; if all sports received the same amount then some would never have enough and others would have great surplus. How that money is allocated is a completely different question, however.

Should women get the same amount of money as men according to the Constitution?

The US Constitution does not discuss pay.

What sports do women like?

All the same sports as men,generally.

Should women get the same amount of prize money as men?

Yes, because woman are just as important as men

How many women use YouTube?

The amount of women and men who use YouTube is about the same. This is due to the diversity of the content that is posted on YouTube. For men, there's sports and video games while for women, there's fashion.

How many women participate in sports?

These figures do not exist, unfortunately. The world is too big for a survey of this scale to be conducted. At an educated guess, the same as the amount of men who participate in sports.

Do more women get hurt in sports then man?

not as many women play sports as men but there is the same chance of getting hurt

Money to the winner of the women's singles in the Australian Open?

The winner of the women's singles title in the Australian Open would win $2,650,000. This is the same amount for the men's

When did women start playing previous men's only sport?

When Title 9 was passed giving money to women’s sports programs in colleges more advantages resulted. Women playing in men’s only sports hasn’t really happened yet in pro sports. There are only 8 women who are coaching or officials. It is the same for women who are now fighter pilots and in combat positions this was only opened to women in recent years.

Is the capacity the same as amount Why?

No. A quantity of money would be an amount but not capacity.

What rights are women still fighting for today?

Well, one right women are still fighting for today is, getting paid the same amount of money as men for the same jobs as men or the same work as men. Another right women are still fighting for today is, getting the same opportunities as men, like being able to play football.

Should women get paid the same amount as men in pro basketball?

yes, women should get paid the same amount as men in pro basketball because they both fought hard to be pros and get to where they are now so they should both get the same amount as one another

Do Kobe and lebron make the same amount of money?


What are the differences between men and women sports?

there is no difference thay are both equally the same but mens sports are most watched on television

What were the effects of World War 1 on civil liberties in the U.S.?

WW1 put a vast majority of women in the work force for the fist time and earning them a pay check.... it all so showed that women can do the same jobs that a men can do in the same amount of time ... it is worth noting that during WW1 was the first time that women payed "men's" sports ... and that was the start of women baseball ...

What is the Legal rights Domestic relationship between a man and a woman?

Men seem to have more power than women is what I see. I think that women should have the same amount of right. In Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has actually started giving less money to women who do the same thing/job as some men.

Which profession in sports medicine takes the highest amount of education to practice?

A sports medicine doctor's education is basically the same in every sport.

How much is the money in Cuba worth here in the US?

the money there is worth the same amount of money here in the u.s.a

What does title ix do?

title IX, was a fail. it was suggested by some radical feminist, who had the right idea, about gender equility for sports (sports helping with scholarships) so that woman who played sports could also achieve scholarships through sports. but... you know what, im only 14 so im gonna take this quote from this guy from yahoo."Title IX has been miss used.It was supposed to give women's sports an equal opportunity.I take that to mean the same number of scholar athletes, but many interpret that to mean the same amount of money is spent on women and men.What has happened is many schools have dropped men's sports while adding women's sports such as crew and equestrian.Some want football canceled even though that is normally the one sport that makes money and funds the rest of the athletic program.There are schools that have dropped men's sports even though those sports were never a burden to the school, i.e. golf which was completely funded by private donations was dropped so the 6 men lost their scholarships at no savings to the school.I believe women should have an equal opportunity to sports, but not to the extent that men must suffer, especially since these people did not participate in past discrimination."

Do doctors and interior designer make the same amount of money?

designer makes more money

What did women receive the same funding opportunities in schools and sports as men?

cause in the states woman have to have the same sport funding as men

Do women get paid more for winning Wimbledon than men?

they get the same amount.

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