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no its how u ride and usually how light they are and your abilitys

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Q: Do low trucks on a skateboard make it easier to do tricks?
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What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

What are the advantages of loosening and tightening your skateboard trucks?

For loosening your trucks, you can turn easier and avoid obstacles, but you will get speed wobbles when you get going fast, and that can make you fall, and it's harder to land air tricks because the trucks will automatically wobble on impact.For tightening your trucks, you can't turn as fast, but makes for you to be more stable with speed and you can land tricks easier.Hope this helped!

How do you make a creeper?

Skateboard trucks on a board.

Does a light skateboard make your tricks easier to do?

You can ollie higher. The board is easier to flick, i.e. in kick flips. The board is probably smaller too, so it wold be easier to maneuver.

How do you win skateboard competitions?

make a lot of tricks

When skateboarding do you need to use risers?

You don't necessarily need them, but they help with impact on trucks, thus preventing pressure cracks, preventing Axel bending, and some other problems. risers can also be used to make your skateboard higher, and easier to do certain tricks

Do trucks make you skateboard faster?

It makes you go to the Heaven the fastest.

Do you have to be able to skateboard to be able to snowboard?

Knowing how to skateboard does make snowboarding easier, but you can snowboard without knowing how to skateboard.

What raw materials make up a skateboard?

wood,metal,wheels,and the trucks

Is there a way to make skateboards turn easier and sharper?

The skateboard doesn't do anything to turn. What makes it turn is the trucks and to make turning more responsive you need to loosen the trucks with a special kind of tool. it depends what truck you have you can loosen them with pliyers or an Allen key it depends what trucks you have if there cheap they wont turn lol

How do you steer your skateboard?

you lean backwards and forwards. make sure ur trucks are loose.

Is it normal for the trucks on a skateboard to make noise?

It's probably not your trucks but your bushings and yes, that's totally normal. but if it's genuinely your trucks then yeah, that's weird

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