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in a survey a few years ago it said on average left handers die 7-9 years before right handers

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Q: Do left handers die earlier than right handers?
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Does left handers die earlier?

well, they are the same as right handed peoples aren't they just write with different hands! It depends on what you get into though.

Are left-handed batsmen generally more aggressive than right-handed batsmen?

NO, it depends on the players mind state, attitude & the situation. You can see aggressive right handers like Virendar sehwar, shahid afridi, Sachin Tendulkar. & left Handers such as Hayden, Gilchrist, Sanat Jayasurya.

Meaning of dextrous?

Dextrous means nimble-fingered, clever with one's hands. It comes from the Latin word "dexter" meaning "the right-hand side" as right-handers were considered to be less clumsy than left-handers.

Whats difference between left hand and right hand thread in application and is this anything related with load applied?

Left handers have 9 years less of life span. Left hands have more IQ than right hands.

Is a left handed person is brighter than the right handed person?

Yes, but it depends if the person is bothered to learn, but most left-handers I'm one) are more influenced to learn.

Do they have left handed watches for left handed people?

Yes, they have the winder / adjuster knob on the left side of the casing so they can be worn on the right wrist. You can see a selection of left-handed watches here There are also some anti-clockwise mechanisms that left-handers can find easier to read than right-handers. There are more left-handed watches here:

Is it true that left-handed people have a short life expectancy?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that being left-handed affects life expectancy. Factors that influence lifespan are diverse and complex, but handedness is not considered to be a major contributing factor.

Are left-handed people abnormal in a sense?

'Abnormal' means 'not normal'. As a left hander , I do not consider myself to be 'abnormal'. Yes!!! We can do things differently to right handed people. Secientific research has indicated that left handers are better at some things than right- handers. WE, left handers think differently. The brain lobes 'swop' over. Left handedness is a gene characteristic. If follows through in families. Approximately 10% of the world is left- handed. As a left hander there are degrees of chirality ( handedness) . I am 96 % left handed. Occasionally I might do something as a right hander. When eating with a knofe and fork , I hold and use the cutlery as a right hander. However, I have a cousin, who is also left-handed. swop his knife and fork over to be able to eat comfortably. As a left hander I am formally a 'Sinister person', a right handers is a 'Dexter person'. 'Sinister' is from the French medieaval word for 'left'. People who are socially inept are often described as 'Gauche' the modern French word for 'Left. Some famous people who are/were left handed . Julius Caesaer, Bill Clinton Fianlly as a bit of fun!!! Left handers are often nicknamed as 'Cack handed' , or 'Gammy handed'. There probably other nicknames too!!!! So there you have it!!! We are not 'abnorma;l', just different!!!!!

Are left or right handers smarter?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that left-handed or right-handed people are inherently smarter than the other. Intelligence is not determined by handedness, but rather by a combination of genetic, environmental, and neurological factors.

Why do talk show hosts sit higher than guest?

Guests are made to sit to the right of the right side of the hosts in order to have direct eye-contact with each other. And more rudimentally speaking, there is a larger percentage of right-handers than left-handers in the wide world. So, I think the guests sitting on the right of the host gives a more comfortable eye-contact of the host with the guest.

What is the the most sensitive part of the hand the palm or the back?

For left handers, it is usually their left hand, and for right handers, it's usually their right hand.

Are left handers clumsier than righties?

Not as such. But there are some tools(like scissors) which has to be used by the (wrong) right hand, which might make them clumsier in some cases. Our style of writing is also adapted for right handed, so lefties have that harder by definition too.