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in a survey a few years ago it said on average left handers die 7-9 years before right handers

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Q: Do left handers die earlier than right handers?
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Do Left handers die before right handers?

On average, yes. If I remember correctly, right-handers tend to live four years longer than left-handers.

Which side of the brain do left-handers use more than right-handers?

Left-handers use both sides of the brain equally

Was Raphael left handed?

yes-there have been many influencal and powerful people who were/are left-handed. You see left-handers are acctually far more intelligent than right-handers.

Is it true that left-handed people have a short life expectancy?

Left-handers don't have a short life expectancy compared to right-handers, no.However, what has been discovered is that on average, right-handed people live three years longer than left-handed people. The reason for this is unknown.

Do people who are left handed write neater than right handers?

Yes studies show that on average left-handed people write significantly neater than those who use their right hand

Are left-handed batsmen generally more aggressive than right-handed batsmen?

NO, it depends on the players mind state, attitude & the situation. You can see aggressive right handers like Virendar sehwar, shahid afridi, Sachin Tendulkar. & left Handers such as Hayden, Gilchrist, Sanat Jayasurya.

Are left handers really smart?

No, not necessarily. Right handed people are actually smarter than lefties in a recent study by Canadian doctors.

Meaning of dextrous?

Dextrous means nimble-fingered, clever with one's hands. It comes from the Latin word "dexter" meaning "the right-hand side" as right-handers were considered to be less clumsy than left-handers.

Whats difference between left hand and right hand thread in application and is this anything related with load applied?

Left handers have 9 years less of life span. Left hands have more IQ than right hands.

Is a left handed person is brighter than the right handed person?

Yes, but it depends if the person is bothered to learn, but most left-handers I'm one) are more influenced to learn.

Do they have left handed watches for left handed people?

Yes, they have the winder / adjuster knob on the left side of the casing so they can be worn on the right wrist. You can see a selection of left-handed watches here There are also some anti-clockwise mechanisms that left-handers can find easier to read than right-handers. There are more left-handed watches here:

How many left handers are there in the world?

Approximately 12%So 12% of 7,000,000,000 (approx)7,000,000,000/100 = 70,000,00070,000,000 x 12= 840,000,000 left handers (less than the population of 2 of the world's countries- so not a lot really)

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