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That makes no scense but left handed Basketball players have an advantage overright handed players

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2009-02-14 17:17:47
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Q: Do left handed basketball players have an advantage over left handed ones?
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Was Nate Archibald actually left handed?

Yes. Click on the 'Left handed basketball players' link on this page to see other basketball players that were/are left handed.

Are left handed basketball players better natural shooters than right handed players?


What is the percentage of left handed basketball players?


Is there an advantage to being a left handed hockey player?

Left handed hockey players may find it easier to control the ball on the off side, but this is not always the case. Some left handed hockey players still have difficulty on the left side playing hockey.

Are left handers batter ar sports than right?

Lefties have an advantage on the sports fields; because the majority of the population is right handed, lefties can often take players by surprise. This is particuarly evident in:Cricket/Rounders/Baseball: If a batter is left handed, fielders will have to orientate themselves otherwise the ball will be hit in the area where there are no fielders to get it quickly enough.Football: About 60% of lefties are left-footed, which is very useful for getting the ball round players who will go for the right hand side.Basketball: In basketball, left handed players can efficiently bounce the ball to the left of the unsuspecting right handed players. This is very useful; a lot of players are "out-handed" in the end!

25 players on a baseball team 6 players are left handed what percent is left handed?

24% are left-handed.

Is nadal a natually right handed?

Yes. He's coach forced him to go left handed in tennis, when he was 8 y.o. so that he has an advantage against right handed players.

Is basketball star Brandon jennings left handed?

yes he is left handed

How do you shoot a left handed free throw in basketball?

The same way you shoot a right handed basketball...

Who are the basketball players that are left handed?

There are many, and some include:Brandon JenningsTayshaun PrinceJ.P. PrinceLamar OdomGreg MonroeAcie LawJames HardenMike Conley

In softball which hand do players catch with?

It depends if they are right or left handed. If they are right handed, they catch with there left. If they are left handed, they catch with there right.

How many nhl players use a left handed stick?

Over 80% of the players, youth and senior in North America are Left Handed.

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