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Q: Do lebron have any tattoos of Savannah?
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Who is LeBron James's girlfiend?

Lebron's girlfriend is Savannah Brinson.

Is LeBron married?

No LeBron James is not married. He does have a girlfriend Savannah Brinson. Lebron James and girlfriend Savannah have two sons together, Bryce and Lebron Jr. Click on the link below for more info.

Who did LeBron Marry?

Savannah brinson

Who is LeBron James girlfriend?

LeBron James' girlfriend is Savannah Brison. She is a member of the Pussycat Dolls Band.

Are lebron James kids by the same person?

lebron has 2 kids with his girlfriend Savannah brinson

How menu tattoos does lebron James have?


What do LeBron James' tattoos mean?

It means that he is showing of

Which Cleveland cavaliers player has the most tattoos?

Lebron James

What is lebron James high school name?

Savannah Brinson

What is lebron James high school lover name?

Savannah Brinson

When is Lebron James girlfriend Savannah Brinson's birthday?


Is Savannah Brinson famous?

No, she is merely Lebron James's High School sweetheart.