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No, I would hope that if a player had a broken leg, the coach wouldn't make them sit in the dugout until the game was over

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Q: Do injured players have to sit in the dugout?
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What is the name of a roofed structure where the baseball players sit when not on the playing field?


How about dugout where did the term dugout in baseball come from?

The dugout is a term refered to the place where the players sit. This area was dug out of the ground to protect the ball players from line drives.

Were do the baseball players sit while waiting to play?

the dugout

Where the players sit when they are not on the field?

The dugout. Or, if they're off the field entirely, in the stands.

Where do baseball players sit when they r not on d field during a game?

Dugout (:

What is the area where baseball players sit and wait to play a game called called?

It is called DUGOUT!

What dugout does the Cincinnati Reds sit in?

The home team sits in the 1b dugout and the visitors sit in the 3B dugout.

Which dugout does the away team sit in in a softball game?

Third base dugout

How many players allowed in MLB dugout during game?

There is no rule on the number of people allowed in the dugout. The rule states that only players, coaches, bat boys, managers, trainers, substitutes, & players on the disabled list are allowed in the dugout. Ejected players and coaches are not allowed to stay in the dugout.

Which dugout do the New York Yankees sit in at Yankee Stadium?

The Yankees always sit in the dugout on the first base side of Yankee Stadium.

Where do baseball players sit while not playing the game?

Batters and starting pitchers sit in the dugout, to the side of the first or third base line. Relief pitchers sit in the bullpen, usually found beyond the outfield.

How many players allowed in dugout?


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