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By first spinning with the Arms extended, and then bringing the arms close to your body, you will spin faster.

This is due to the conservation of angular momentum and energy.

The equation for the amount of angular energy is (1/2)(I)(W^2)

I is inertia

W is angular velocity (pretend the W is lower case omega)

When you have your arms and legs out, You have an increased Inertia. According to the conservation of angular energy, your have to have just as much energy starting out as you do in the end. So, when you bring your arms and legs in, you increase your ending omega by decreasing you ending inertia.

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Because we have special little scales in our ears that keep us balanced, when you spin around the liquid inside those scales goes sloshing all around inside them disrupting your balance by anallowing your body to read them.

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At first, when skater are just beginning the often get dizzy all the time and fall over. But as you spin more and more you build you a tolerance for it. Being a skater for over ten years, I no longer get dizzy at all on any spins with only a few exceptions. Unlike many dancers, figure skaters don't usually spot, which helps them get use to the concept.

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they get used to it!

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Q: Do ice skaters get dizzy when they are spinning?
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Why do twirling dancers get dizzy?

Twirling dancers or ice skaters shouldn't get dizzy, if trained properly. If they do, it could be from an inner ear problem.

How do ice and figure skaters avoid getting dizzy when they perform spins?

It's all in head control and focus as well as hours of practice.

How do you get dizzy?

You get dizzy by spinning around too much.

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What is the relationship between dizziness and spinning?

The relation between dizziness and spinning is simply engaging to spinning will lead an individual to feel dizzy, more particularly if the spinning is fast. As you spin the senses are sending wrong signals through your brain and that is why a person will feel dizzy through spinning.

How does walking in circles make you dizzy?

It makes you dizzy because when you spin around, you don't feel steady anymore. So after spinning you feel like the earth keeps spinning, but it's really just you spinning.

Will people get dizzy and nauseous if spinning on the moon?


What does it mean if it feels like the room is spinning?

you might be dizzy

Do ice skaters get trophies?

No... they get gold metals

Where do figure skaters train?

Figure Skaters train at an ice rink to practise their technique based on which level they are on.

Is the verbal in this sentence a gerund or a participle People may become dizzy after spinning around?

The verbal "spinning" in the sentence is a present participle because it is describing the action of "spinning" that causes people to become dizzy. Gerunds, on the other hand, function as nouns in a sentence.

What is it called when everything is spinning and you can't see right?

Being dizzy.