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No, the only home runs that would count towards career home runs are thise hit in regular season games. Home runs for all star games and postseason games are kept as separate statistics.

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No because the All Star Game is players from all around the leauge AL (American Leauge), and the NL (National Leauge), so it doesn't count.

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Q: Do home runs in an all-star game count in career home runs?
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Does a home run count towards a player's career statistics if it is hit during an All-Star game?

No. When someone talks about career statistics, they are talking about the regular season. Statistics are kept separately for playoffs/World Series games and All Star games.

Can a run count in a player's career but a game?

I say no. Here are two cases I can think of:A batter hits home run but doesn't touch home for some reason. This happened a few years ago with Robin Ventura in a playoff game. The winning run had already scored on his home run, but he was mobbed by Todd Pratt (runner on first at time of hit) and didn't continue to second. Since it was virtually impossible (and unnecessary) to continue he stopped at first, that play is considered a single, even though he hit it out of the park and is widely considered as "The Grand-Slam Single" If a batter hits a home run in the first inning, and the game is wiped out due to rain before the fifth inning: If the game isn't official, none of the stats count, not even towards career totals.A simpler answer is that because player's stats are based on calculating total from game stats. If the run didnt count in the game it wouldn't show up in the game stats, hence, it wouldn't show up in career stats

Inside the park home run count toward total career home runs?

I believe so, but i'm not 100% sure. yes because it is still a home run

How many home runs has Alex Rodriguez hit in his career with his team up 4 runs or more?

too many to count

What are some important points in babe Ruth's career?

Ruth hit three home runs in a game for the Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25, 1935. Those home runs were the final home runs of his career. Five days later he injured his knee in a game against the Phillies. That game was the final game in his career as he announced his retirement two days later.

When a pitcher throws to a base to keep a runner from stealing are those throws added to his total game pitch count?

No, only pitches to home plate count towards the pitch count.

Do post season home runs count toward career home runs?

== == No, post-season home runs don't count in a player's career totals. No post-season stats count towards career totals. They go in a separate category, usually entitled "Postseason Career."

What is the most RBIs in a game for Roberto Clemente?

Roberto Clemente had 240 career home runs.

How many home runs to lead off a game has Derek Jeter hit in his career?

Derek Jeter's latest lead off home run came on June 20, 2012, which gives him 28 for his career.

Hank aaron home runs?

755 home runs. His batting average was .305 and he registered 3,771 hits. His final game was on October 3, 1976.

How many innings in baseball have to be played for a game to count do to weather?

4 1/2 if the home team is ahead, 5 if the home team is behind.

Why does Barry Bonds home run record not count?

First of all, official MLB records clearly record that Barry Bonds holds the record for most home runs in a season (73) and most home runs in a career (762). Many fans, however, think that these records should not count due to Bonds' use of steroids.