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Most high school Cheerleading coaches do get paid, yes. However, the amount they are paid varies as any job does from school to school and state to state.

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Q: Do high school cheerleading team coaches get paid?
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How much money does a cheerleading coach get?

for high school coaches about 15 cents a day lmfao its voulenteer thats how much my coach gets paid

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid an hour?

Cheerleading coaches make between 13,000 dollars a year and 33,000 dollars a year. High school cheerleaders make a low stipend of 5 dollars to 3,000 dollars a season.

How much does a high school basketball coach make a year?

It just depends on where you live. High school coaches are not typically paid as full time employees. They are not typically paid a salary. High school coaches, even in large schools are typically paid by contract and only for the season. The typical pay range of a high school coach for a class B school in Michigan is $2000 to $4000 a season.

Do assistant high school basketball coaches get paid?

That depends on what school the coach is at. Most schools, no. Some schools, however, will pay assistant coaches.

How much does a high school coach get paid per hour?

Coaches are not ppaid hourly, they are paid by stipend

How much do high school cheerleaders get paid?

0.. Cheerleading is a high school sport. You don't get paid in high school for sports. But for other things*nudge nudeg wink wink* it guess, for most of them, not more that 5$

Do high school coaches get paid more than teachers?

Usually they get paid more because they get paid for coaching in addition to being paid for teaching.

How much do high school coaches get paid?

The average annual pay for a high school coach is $37,000. This can vary by location and experience. The average annual pay for a high school coach in California is $40,000.

How much do all-star cheerleading coaches get paid?

it depends but some volunteer... no more than 90,000 a year!

How much do little league hockey coaches get paid?

Almost all coaches at the youth age are volunteers. Coaches that make money are high school's, junior's, and a few top Canadian and American AAA hockey programs.

How much money does a certified soccer coach earn per year?

depends high school coaches barely get paid, youth club coaches (u9-u18) get about 5k per team. being a coaching director of a club get about 20k. but for college coaches and professional coaches i would say 30k to about a couple million

Starting salary for a cheerleading coach?

I get paid 8$ an hour. Plus at my gym coaches get to keep the money we make doing private lessons. But it varies greatly from gym to gym

Who pay to the soccer coaches?

The club coaches are paid by their clubs, but country coaches are paid by the f.A.

Do olympic coaches get paid?

Coaches for the Olympics get paid for their time and services. Many coaches work directly with the individual participants.

Who gets paid more college basketball coaches or NBA?

NBA coaches get paid more. College coaches only get paid for about 40 games while the NBA coaches have to coach 82 or more games.

How much to college mens basketball coaches get paid?

It depends on the school. Some get paid in the low 6-figures and others get paid millions of dollars per year.

How much do soccer coaches get paid?

The highest paid soccer coaches can be paid up to 10 million dollars a year. Most soccer coaches make about 20 thousand dollars a year.

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Should students be paid to0 go to high school and middle school?

High School

How much do you get paid in basketball?

In Middle School and High School basketball, you get paid nothing. In the NBA, you get paid $100k a year.

Who is paid more NFL coach's or college coach's?

According to the forbs list college coaches are paid more than NFL coaches.

Is cheerleading a job?

Not in the sense of a paid job.

What do olympic coaches get paid?


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