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Girls Basketball always use 28.5 Boys Basketball uses 28.5 up until 7th grade. In 7th grade through NBA ball a 30.1 is used.

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Q: Do high school and middle school use the same size basketball?
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How high is the backboard on a basketball hoop in a middle school?

Throughout middle school, high school, college and professional basketball, the backboards are the same size. They are also the same distance off of the floor at 10 feet.

How high is a junior high school basketball hoop?

I play on a junior high basketball team. And its 10FT. same with middle school, (which includes 6th grade)

What is the distance for middle school and high school and college basketball courts?

Its all the same as professional 94 feet.

How long is middle school basketball three?

19"9' from the basket to the 3-point line. Same as in high school.

Are all basketball courts the same size?

No, college and pro courts are longer than high school and middle school.

Is middle school the same as junior high?

Junior high and middle school are the same thing some people call it junior high and some people call it middle school. Since some people call high school senior high they call middle school junior high. This may be kind of confusing but middle school and junior high are the same thing just as senior high and high school are the same thing.

Is a proffessional basketball goal and a high school's basketball goal the same height?


What size basketball is used by 7th grade girls teams?

standard size Middle school Basketball games are conducted under the same guidelines as high school or college. UIL university interscholastic league. which is the same as pro ball

How tall is a basketball goal in middle school?

All basketball goals are the same regulation height of 10ft.

What does a boy wear in high school?

what he wore in middle school. Not the SAME same but same style.

Is boys basketball and girls volleyball the same season?

Not for High School.

How do you lose your virginity in middle school?

Same way as you do in High School...

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