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Generally, they do not carry Golf balls in their pockets.

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2016-04-05 12:01:26
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Q: Do golf pros carry balls in their pockets?
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How many golf balls in a pros bag for one round?


How many golf balls must pros hit daily?

It is probably up to him/her! If it is a pro then it can probably do what it wants.

Where can one find information on golf refinery?

One can find information on golf refinery from refinergolf website. They have golf training aids by touring pros. Dual adjustable hinged club engineering to hit golf balls.

Why don't golf pros use light weight stand bags but instead have their caddies carry the full sized bags?

They need to be prepared for any situation such as rain or wind so they include things in their golf bags that their caddies carry.

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How much do golf pros make?

They earn a lot. Aside from golf, they appear to advertisements.

Do most people lie about golf scores?

No, not the pros, but when you are out for a round of golf with your buddies, of course so.

What kind of notebook do golf pros carry?

Their pros carry a really small book, around A6 or so. It just has the course mapped out, it tells how the putts break on the green, and it also has the yardages. The players will have written down clubs they have hit in the past into the hole so they have the best opportunity to hit the ball close.

What golf balls do pros use are they higher compression that those sold to us Ams?

The golf balls that are sold on the shelves of every pro shop in the world are the exact same as the ones the pro's tee up every week. There are a few minor ones though, the pro's only play the premium balls such as Pro V1, Nike One, Taylormade Penta TP and Callaway iX. They some times play unique numbers, and the balls have players logos on them,

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Do you need lessons in golf?

Yes, to play golf you need to have lessons. Even the pros have lessons, it doesnt matter if your beginner or master. Golf is a complex game which eneds guidance.

What putters do Pros use?

Golf pros just use the putters that you can buy in many golf shops but they are usually custom fit and customised for the player. The popular brands on tour include Yes, Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

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