Do girls get hurt in coed sports?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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But so can boys.

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Just as much as guys do.

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Q: Do girls get hurt in coed sports?
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How many girls get hurt in coed sports a year?

All of them

Is it a good idea for high schools to have coed sports teams?

no because the girls might get hurt a lot and slow down the game.

What is the percent of people that play coed sports?

About 52% of people play and prefer to play coed sports says CHACHA

Both reasons that coed ed sports are good?

ther should be no coed sports teams cause the men are way better

Can a coed sport be in the Olympics?

Yes. Equestrian is coed as I believe are several other sports.

What is a coed school?

a coed school is where boys and girls go to the same school

What is the name of a cheerleading squad that has girls and boys?


Would you make a sentence with the word coed?

An example sentence could be: "The dormroom at my college is a coed building" meaning bothe guys and girls can live there.

What is a co-ed cheerleading team?

It is when there are boys and girls on the team!!

Should girls be allowed to play guy sports?

should girls be allowed to play sports with boys. I think yes but then no because girls are good in sports but boys always have to make a big fuss that girls is not better than boys in sports so i say that boys should look back and realize what they say. On the other hand no because there is some girls they is too girly and bet boys that they can when sports but no they can not and also they can get hurt cause boys are tough too.

What is the benefits from the coed school give me 3 evidences.?

because boys like girls and girls like boys, it is a simple matter of life.

What the sentence of coed?

An example of the word coed in a sentence is 'She went to a coed school.'