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Q: Do girl have to go to school in the olden days?
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How many days did the children go to school in the olden days?

the boys went to school only if they were rich though.

In the olden days how many days of school in a week did you have to go to?

I think that they went 5 days a week. i am not sure but you can edit this if you want

Why did Barbara Jordan go to low school?

Because she didn't really have the chance to go to a fancy school because she was black. But when she got older she did go to Boston University Law School. Which is a pretty good school. A better school when you are black back i the olden days.

What stages did the stone age have?

go in olden days and see

What is the difference between olden day and modern day transport?

in the olden days they went by horse or foot now we go by car,train,plane and bike.

Which methods of Communication was used in in olden days?

writing a letter and a pigeon taking it away to the person it has to go to

What did the people in the olden days go to the bathroom in?

they dug a hole in the ground and They would go to the bathroom (piss, they would say back then).

What book was Amelia Earhart in?

go to the library and tell the librarian i want a book in the olden days and if you dont find it

What can you do on days off from school?

go to school

Does the boy and girl go to the same school in china?

Of-course, boy & girl go to same school in China.

How many days do they go to school?

3 days

In the olden days how did people claim land?

You get a stick, carve your name on it and date and plop it in the ground and there you go, you claimed some land :)