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Q: Do footballers get paid for playing for their country?
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Do footballers get paid if playing for their country?


Do footballers get paid for playing for England?

No- it is (supposed to be) an honour to play for your country

Do players get paid for playing football for Ireland?

Yes footballers get paid for playing for Ireland.

Do English footballers get paid for playing in the euro cup?


Do English footballers get paid for playing for the national team?


How much do ladies footballers get paid?

Women get paid around about £40 a day for playing women's professional football.

Do international footballers get paid?

no, the players do not get paid internationally however sometimes they can be given a bonus. The main idea of playing internationally is the idea of representing your own country, this opportunity is very big as it does not come very often.

Are footballers paid for playing in the FIFA world cup?

Yes their countries pay them, some are paid for each goal scored and as they progress as well.

How much are footballers paid?

They are paid from 0$ to 240000$

How much do women footballers get paid compared to men footballers?

how much do women footballer get paid and how it all started

Plus Do all professional footballers get paid over a million?

a year... yes!!! but in a week the highest player gets paid, i think, £200,000 which is bloody loads!!! Lots more than rugby players do but then again rugby players don't play for the money, they play for the passion of playing for club and country, unlike footballers!!!

How much do footballers get paid?


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