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Now a days football teams do not return straight away after a match, as teams have strong teams , and F.I.F.A give a break between games.

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Q: Do football players return home straight after the international matches in order to prepare for weekend matches?
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What is englands football team salary?

They get paid by their clubs. But they do get paid a "match fee" for International matches. England players donate all their pay for international matches to charity causes via the Team England Footballers Charity

Are IPL matches considered as international Twenty20 Cricket matches?

NO IPL matches not considers as International Matches because it is Domestic league of India where foreign players allowed to play.

Person who arbitrates disputes between players at football matches?


Do football players wear condoms in matches?

Yes, STD's are everywhere.

What is preseason football?

Football matches where the results do not contribute to the end-of-season rankings. Basically trials and practice matches, where individuals try to show their coaches they are worthy players, and link up with their co-players properly.

How many players are there in international football?

About 22 in a team.

Do England pay their players for international football?


How many players are there in a football match?

There are eleven per side in American football and international football.

Do international soccer players earn salaries?

Yes. They get a portion of the money given to the football association in question: either by the regional international football association, or by sponsors. It is nowhere near the amount they are paid by their clubs and sometimes the players donate their appearance money to charity. This is at the heart of the club v country row, as clubs are obliged to pay their players when they're missing matches through injuries sustained on international duty.

Why do football players feel it is important to travel to all their matches?

Its their job and they are getting paid

Do international football players get paid?

NO they only get paid by there clubs.

What are the duties of a football team manager?

A football team manager is responsible for selecting the players for matches and setting their formation. He also motivates the players before and during the competition.

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