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The NBA players can choose any number they want between 00 and 99. However no two players can have the same number on one team. Currently, many players tend to choose lower numbers (under 50). There are very few players with high jersey numbers.

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If you are talking about American football, then yes, although in the NFL no two players on a team can have the same number, and in the NCAA no two players on a team can play in a play together if they have the same number.

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Basketball players can request a number but if that number is taken of if the organization just doesn't want to give them that number than they have to get a new one.

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It really depends i mean if you are in a younger soccer level then yeah but if your talkin high school problay not unless your a senior but overall yes

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Q: Do football players get to choose their football numbers?
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Are the players' numbers indicative of their positions on the team or are they randomly assigned?

The players' numbers mean nothing except to the players. The players get to choose which number they want to wear.

How many players are on a football tean?

The number of players on a football team depends on the type of football you are playing. In American Football, there are 11 on a team. In Canadian Football, there are 12 players on a team. Other countries have their own rules. Also America has "Sand Lot Football" where pickup games simply have equal numbers of players on each side.

Numbers of players in football game?

In a professional football game it starts with 11 people on each team (not including subs)

Why are there duplicate numbers for Ohio state football jerseys?

It is acceptable as long as the players are not on the field at the same time.

Are the jersey numbers of hockey players relative to the positions they play?

It is quite rare that you will see forwards wearing numbers 1-8 or defenseman who wear numbers 9-28. Goalies traditionally wear the number 1 or numbers in the 30's, but there are exceptions, as it is not a written rule. In minor hockey and junior hockey teams players are restricted to only a few jersey numbers, usually 1-31. Most defensemen are restricted to numbers 2-8, while the forwards can choose from number 9-29. The numbers 1, 30, and 31 are usually reserved for goaltenders. It's not related to their positions as it is in football. Players can wear any number from 1-98 nowadays.

What is the highest number a nba player can wear?

Technically a player can choose up to the number 99, however high uniform numbers are rarer as many players opt to choose lower numbers.

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