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Q: Do football players get paid while injured?
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Is a football player on IR paid?

NFL Players who are put on the IR (injured reserve) are paid.

Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Do players get paid on injured reserve?

Yes, players on the injured reserve receive a salary.

Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.

How often are football players paid?

football players are paid weekly or at the end of a season

Why do people get paid to play football?

Because they are professional players. And that's there jobs while unpaid players play for pride not money

Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


Do injured NFL players get paid?


How much do the Detroit Ravens football players get paid?

The Detroit Ravens are a Semi-Pro Football team their players don't get paid

Do the players still get paid if they are on the injured list?


Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

Why do football players get paid more than real estate angets?

Football players get paid more than agents because the coach's want the best players!!

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

How often do NFL players get paid?

Football players get paid every week, the amount depends on the players' salaries.

Do injured soccer players get paid?

yes...just not as much.

Do rugby league players get paid to much and why?

In comparison to American football players and soccer players they certainly are not over paid but for the top players its considered that they may be under paid

Do hockey players get paid more than football players?


Do international football players get paid?

NO they only get paid by there clubs.

Who get paid more veterinarian or football players?

football player

What is IR stand for in American football?

Injured Reserve, It is a classification for injured players that allows a team to replace them on the active roster. Players placed on injured reserve are not allowed to return to play until the next season and they are paid their full salary during their time on IR.

Do youth football players have a salary?

No, only professional players get paid.

How much do football players get paid a year?

It will depend on how young and good you are, in England players like Rooney get 250,000 pounds a week, while the average get 30,000 to 40,000 pounds.

Do football players get paid per game?

Yes, football players do get paid per game. Their annual contracts typically set the amount they will be paid per game and what their annual income should be at the end of the season.

Do football players get paid when not playing?


Are football players paid by position?