Do fake shoes really matter

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Yes and no it matters for what you need the shoes for and what you are using them like sports, daily things, snow and/or anything else.

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Q: Do fake shoes really matter
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Is it illegal to wear fake shoes in Europe?

In general, counterfeit luxury brand shoes are illegal and they are unfair to the genuine brands. If you're just looking for affordable and comfortable shoes, you can choose to find your favorite styles at wholesale markets or online stores like for other discounts.

Are Nike xxv shoes fake if you get them from a flea market?

as long as their nikes it doesnt really matter where u get them from just stay away from the boot-leggers

Is a good site to get shoes from?

no it is a fake site if the prcies are really low its most likley a fake website

Are flight club shoes fake?

Flight Club shoes are not fake but genuine shoes .

Are nike shoes made in china fake?

I really do not think so. As a matter of fact, more than 50% Nike shoes sold in USA are from China because Nike has many official factory in China. At least some accessary are made in China.

Does academy have fake shoes?

Academy does not sell fake shoes, and you can use your PayPal to make your purchase.

Are villa shoes fake?


Is shoes-23com fake?


Is there such thing as cloud shoes?

no they are fake

Do wwwjordan shoes coolcom sell fake shoes?

no there real as real can be

What is really made of matter?

Every real substance is made of matter. You, the computer you are looking at, your shoes, your breakfast, your teacher and your desk are all different forms of matter.

Do website sells fake shoes?

No! Think of do they have fake shoes in their store, no. so they won't send you fake shoes.