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Q: Do elin and tiger see each other at all?
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Did Elin Nordegren leave Tiger Woods?

No, they are still married believe it or not.

Did Tiger Woods have an affair with next door neighbor?

As far as we know no, but he could have. All the public knows is that he had an affair with his wife Elin with over 20 women.

How will a male tiger and another male tiger respone?

They will attack each other. That is what all tigers do, unless it is a male and female that are going to mate or have already mated.

How many stripes an average tiger has?

Stripe number usually depends on type of tiger and gender.It depends from tiger to tiger.Different tigers each have a different amount of stripes. There is no actual amount of stripes a tiger has.

Does a white tiger eat fruit?

all tiger species are carnivorous in other words, no.

What cat would win if they all went against each other?

tiger If you are talking about the WHOLE cat family the i think the lion would win.

What happened between Tiger Woods and his wife?

Rumors are, Tiger had been texting Rachel Uchitel on the night of the crash, he went to the Isleworth club house to play poker with a few friends. He had left his phone behind and there were texts on it, which she read. She then phoned the number and Rachel picked up, Elin was angry and said I knew it was you, and then Rachel said oh f**k and hung up. That's when it all kicked off.

What is the body structure of a tiger?

There are six living subspecies of tiger in the world today, each of which has a slightly different body structure. Generally, tiger's have long dense bones, and their hind legs are longer than the front legs. They all have retractable claws that are curved to allow the tiger to easily grab prey.

What does the white tiger do to hunt its prey?

White Tiger first notices its prey-deer. Then it uses long grass as a camouflage and advance towards its prey. It goes slow and quietly because it knows that it cannot outrun a deer. Then when it is near enough. It uses all its stamina to jump towards the prey and kill it.

How does a Siberian Tiger excrete?

Siberian Tigers are similar to all other mammals in this respect.

How does a tiger travel?

It walks on all four paws, just like any other animal.

How are the daughter cells related to each other?

They are all copies of each other.