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It is not illegal to ride a two or three wheeled motor vehicle without a helmet but some form of eye protection is required. On a Bike it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet if you are under 16.

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you don't have to wear a helmet if your by your self but if your on the road you HAVE to wear it-L

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The rules differ from place to place, so it depends on where you are and usually also on how old you are.

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No, some do some don't.

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Q: Do cyclists have to wear helmets?
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Why do fast cyclists not wear helmets?

Because they have a death wish. Always wear a helmet. ALWAYS.

Should cyclists be required to wear helmets?

Kind of a loaded question for many but yes they should

How many motorcyclists wear helmets?

all motorcyclists wear helmets, squids don't wear helmets.

What shape helmets do professional cyclists wear?

It depends what type of racing they are doing. In a Time trial there are specific Aero helmets that many prefer. In touring a long distance road riding a light comfort helmet is preferred it's very dependent and also has to do with preference.

Do humans streamline?

Yes, they can be streamline. Have you seen Olympic Cyclists, they are made streamline by leaning forward and by their pointy helmets

Do sihks have to wear crash helmets?

Sikhs do not have to wear crash helmets as part of there religion.

Does Bell Helmet make only cycling helmets?

Bell makes helmets for all types of racing and leisure riding. They sell top rated helmets for cyclists, bicyclists and motorcyclists. They have been in business for nearly 50 years.

How many pro skateboarders wear helmets?

Mostly vert pro skaters wear the helmets.

Why do builders wear yellow helmets?

Not all builders wear yellow helmets, but builders generally wear brightly colored helmets...brightly colored to maximize their visibility at the work site, and helmets to protect their heads from injury.

What are helmets designed for?

Bicycle helmets are designed to keep cyclists safe. If a cyclist should fall or be hit by a car the helmet should protect their head to help avoid a possible brain injury.

In fast pitch games which players wear helmets?

Players wear helmets when playing American soccer.

When NFL teams wear throwback uniforms are the helmets painted or are they different helmets?

Different helmets