Do cubs hunt

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No, but they learn before they become too dependent of their mothers.

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Q: Do cubs hunt
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Does the mother teach the baby how to hunt for food?

Whales are taught to hunt like lions teach their cubs: they do it and the cubs copy.

On WolfQuest can your cubs hunt?

No, your pups are too weak and inexperienced to hunt.

Why are tigers cubs endangered?

Tiger cubs are endangered because people hunt them for their skin

Do kitten jaguars hunt by themselves?

Jaguar cubs (kittens) do not hunt. That is done by the mother.

Who hunt a cheetah?

Lions, leopards and hyenas will hunt and kill cheetah cubs.

What does a polar bear mother teach her cubs?

It is the mother polar bear that teaches her cubs (usually two cubs) by example. Cubs often hamper their mother's hunting, but eventually the cubs become able to exist on their own. A mother polar bear will try to avoid meeting an adult male polar bear, as there is a danger the male may kill and eat her cubs.

Does a mother lion hunt and bring food to her cubs?


Do female cheetahs hunt?

Yes. Female cheetahs hunt for their cubs and they need to teach them so they need to know how to hunt.

How do cougars take care of their cubs?

clean them teach them how to hunt nurse them basicly the same thing your mom does

Do female polar bears help hunt?

No, they hunt themselves, they don't hunt for anyone or help other polar bears hunt, except for their cubs.

What would polar bears eat?

Seals, fish, anything they can hunt. When hungry a male will hunt cubs.

What do polar bears get from their mothers?

Genes, lots of teachings about how to hunt, where to hunt among others, and milk when they were cubs.