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Q: Do countries spend too much time on the Olympics?
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Do teens spend too much time online?

Yes, in developed countries.

What countries are participating in the winter Olympics?

103 countries have participated in the winter Olympics over time.

How many countries take part in modern Olympics?

The number of countries that take part in the modern Olympics will vary from time to time. On average, there are usually about 205 countries with over 300 events to compete in.

What are the new countries in the 2008 Olympics?

The Marshall Islands, Montenegro and Tuvalu are the 3 countries that are participating for the first time in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

What countries allowed women to compete on the Olympics for the first time?

At London 2012, 3 countries allowed women to compete at the Olympics for the first time. These were Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei.

Where are the modern olympic games held?

In the modern olympics, countries and cities takes turns hosting the olympics. So it's different from time to time.

Why does it spend so much time in its mothers pouch?

why does it spend so much time in its mother pouch

What country has spent the most preparing for the Olympics?

Mainly North America because NA plays almost every sport in the world and spends a lot of time and money on the sports, but other countries may spend a lot of mony on a sport, but they dont play as much as NA does.

Do you spend too much time at work?

In a simple answer No we do not spend too much time at work. We spend more time on social and sporting commitments. and some people like to work so it isn't to much in their mind so what i am trying to say we do not spend to much time at work, and if you want my opinion we should spend more :) The magical magnificent ...........

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Bluebirds spend much of their time foraging for food. When they have babies in the nest, they spend much of their time caring for them.

Where do penguins spend much of their time?

In the water

How much time do rappers spend in studio?

How much time rappers spend in the studio varies from person to person. Studio time can be expensive, those just starting out do not spend much time in the studio. As one becomes more successful, and makes more money, they are to spend more time in the studio.