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You don't have to enter the draft but that would be your best option. Most college players who sigh as a free agent don't make it all that long.

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Q: Do college seniors have to enter the NFL draft or can they just workout for a team and sign as a free agent?
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Can you play college basketball without a scholarship?

What do you mean by this question? If a college player enters the NBA Draft he can go back to college instead of the draft if he DOES NOT hire an agent. If a college players declares for the draft AND hires an agent he is in no matter what.

What duties does a sports agent perform for a professional athlete?

an atheltes agent does basically everything for him/her. an agent will schedule an individual practice and will negotiate trades. but if a college athlete hooses not to hire an agent, he has the choice as if he wants to go to the team he's drafted by or not. so lets say your in college playing football, and you wanna eter the draft and you choose not to hire an agent, and you want to go to the saints and the bears draft you, you have the choice, do u wanna go to the bears, or do u wanna become a free agent.

What are the requirements for the NBA draft?

a agent

How do you get into the NFL without getting drafted?

You must be an underclassmen who cannot return to their college but did not apply for early entry into the NFL prior to the previous draft. These types of players can apply for the supplemental draft.

How do you get in nfl?

Play high school football, then college coaches might want you, so u play n college, then if your good in college you will be entered in the NFL draft. if u get picked ur in the NFL, if not u can be a free agent!

How do I enter the NFL football draft?

It is important that you have the skills /talent to join. You must play college football and spend 2 years there. You must also have an agent.

What is the difference between a draft pick and a signed free agent in the NFL?

each year the nfl holds a draft of eligible college players. the draft is configured so that the team with the worst won-lost record gets to pick first in the draft (unless the team has given that pick to another team thru trades,etc)the teams have rounds (8) which they pick the player they want . free agents have two catergories undrafted college players and nfl players whose contract with their team has expired or the team has let go. a signed free agent either pro or college has contract that binds him to that team.

How can you become a Dallas cowboy football player?

Either go to college and excel at football, and hope they draft you...or find a way to get a free-agent tryout if you think you have professional football skills. Either way, you could probably use a good sports agent.

Who did the Philadelphia 76ers draft in the first round of the 1980 college draft?

Andrew Toney

Who did the Chicago Bulls draft in the first round of the 1991 college draft?

Mark Randall

How do you in NBA 2K12 get to be first pick in the first round in my player?

get grade "A+" in all of the draft workout game.

How could men be deferred from the draft?