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for boys yes girls no

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Q: Do college's use a heavier shot put ball than high schools?
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What are some acting high schools or colleges?

1. Link to acting schools, colleges, USA.

Can the ball legally hit the net on a serve in volleyball?

In rally play, which is done in most high schools and colleges, the ball can legally hit the net during a serve.

What school's are there?

There are Pre-schools, Kidndergarten schools, Elementary schools, High schools, Colleges, and extra-curricular schools.

How many schools are there worldwide?

Only 96,623,876 schools. That includes colleges, high schools, elementary schools, and middle schools.

How many schools are in the world including adult schools elementary schools middle schools high schools and colleges?

there are 2,138,300,000 schools in the world

Are the top feeder high schools to Ivy League Colleges from private or public high schools?

west Hartford ct

How are schools in Arizona ranked compared to the rest of the country?

The schools are great in Arizona. You have many top high schools and colleges.

Names of Colleges with high acceptance rates?

There are many colleges with high acceptance rights particularly public schools in the Midwest and South. What area of the country are u located? There are quite a few private schools that have high acceptance rates also.

How many schools in Texas?

There are a total of 8,317 schools in Texas. There are 4,000 elementary schools, 1,591 middle schools, and 1,445 high schools. The remaining schools are private schools and colleges.

Is college a secondary school?

Colleges and universities are considered post-secondary schools. In the United States, a secondary school is a high school.Depending on the system, schools for this period or a part of it may be called secondary schools, high schools,lyceums, middle schools, colleges, vocational schools and preparatory schools, and the exact meaning of any of these varies between the systems.

Are footballs different sizes for colleges and High Schools?

no,they dont change until the pros

Where can marching bands be found?

Most marching bands are found at high schools or colleges.

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