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Yes. If they are travelling with just 1 parent they usually also need a letter from the other parent saying they are aware their child is being taken out of the country.

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Q: Do children need passports to enter canada?
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Are passports need to enter CANADA?

absolutely, a passport is needed to enter canda..i know this becasue i visited 4 weeks ago

Do children need a passport to cruise?

do children need passports to take a cruise?

Do you need passports to go to Campobello island?

You need a passport to travel to Canada.

Do minors need passports to go from US to Canada?


Do you need a passport to travel to Canada if you are a U.S. citizen?

Yes you do now if you are flying. EDIT : As of January 2008, you will need your US passport not only to enter Canada, but perhaps more importantly in your case, to re-enter the US. Passports are need tofly to and from Canada, but not for LAND or Sea travel until June 2009. See this site.

Does greek holder passport need visa to enter to Mexico?

No. People with European passports are allowed to enter Mexico without the need for a visa.

Do you need a passport to travel into Canada if you are a us citizen driving across the border?

starting in 2008, YES we need passports to get into Canada

Do children in Ireland need passports to travel abroad?


Does a uganda passport need a visa to Morocco?

Holders of the Uganda passports do not need a visa to enter Morocco.

Do you need a passport to get in or out of Canada?

Yes. Passports are needed to legitimately cross the international border into Canada from other countries.

What are some cultural changes at the Mexican border?

Whites need passports to enter mexico

Do children need passports to travel to dublin?

Internally no, externally yes.

Do Canadian children need passports to fly within the United States?


Do children need passports to fly domestic in the US?

No, but check with your airline.

Do children need passport to travel to Dominican Republic?

It is generally a good idea to have a passport when traveling. US citizens may enter the Dominican Republic without passports using other forms of ID and this is also true for children.

Do children need passports to board a plane?

yes. now this is getting stupid...

We live in Scotland do the children need passports to go to jersey?

No. But they will need appropriate identification if you wish to fly.

Why do you have passports?

People have passports so as to have the proper identification and travel document for their various trips abroad or to another place that is in need of a passport in order to enter. They simply are proof of your identification and nationality,.

Do children under 9 need any type of ID to fly?

Yes the passports

Do you need a passport to enter Indian Reservations?

No you do not. Passports are for entering other countries. The only way you would need a passport to enter an Indian reservation would be if the reservation was in another country.

Does a 17 year old need a passport for Canada?

Age is no longer relevant. All people flying into or out of Canada need passports as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

What is the treaty that allows American military to enter Canada?

There isn't one. They need to request permission from the government if they need to enter Canada.

Do venezuelan citizen need visa to enter Canada?

I wanna know if venezuelan citizen need visa tp enter canada

Do mongolians need a visa to enter canada?

No, Mongolians will not need a Visa to enter Canada. They can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

AMericans need passport to go to Bahamas?

Yes. You need a passport to enter every country, but in some countries they do not accept certain passports.