Do cheerleaders immediately get a bad reputation?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Usually.. Lots of cheerleaders have a bad reputation because of media, or just because of other jealous girls who spread crap about them. Some cheerleaders are really how everyone thinks they are, they let the popularity get to them and they become selfish brats. Most cheerleaders though are sweet, smart, extremely athletic girls that everyone gives a bad rep to because they're jealous. I'm a cheerleader and i, and my squad are just showing our spirit, and doing what we love. I've been a tumbler all my life, and I'm not gonna quit because of who people think I am just because I'm a cheerleader. We're determined to show people who we really are. While we have a bad rep at first, once people get to know us, and realize this, they respect us, and they see who cheerleaders really are.

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Q: Do cheerleaders immediately get a bad reputation?
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