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Q: Do celebrities make more money than they deserve?
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Do you agree or disagree that celebrities make more money than they deserve?

i agree celebrities make more money then they deserve. Firefighter and police deserve to get more money then celebrities because they save lives and put criminals in jail.

Is it true that celebrities make more money than they deserve?

yes it is true

Do NBA players deserve more money than they make?


How much money does scream bands make?

More than they deserve.

How much money do celebrities make?

2 million per movie or more if the movie is successful.

What do you do when all your co-workers hate you because you make more money then them?

Tell them you deserve the money you earn because you work hard for it you get the job done obviously you make more money for a reason or make friends with the people above you.

Why marathon runners make more money than sprinters and how much they make?

because they train harder than sprinters. try to run a marathon then you'll understand why they deserve more money than sprinters.

What has more media coverage celebrities or the war in Iraq?

Most likely celebrities. I'd bet a lot of money on it.

What is the address of where Tom and Bill Kaulitz live?

They live in LA, USA. More then that does not publish. Even celebrities deserve their privacy.

What is Alexi Laiho's net worth?

Probably under 100 grand. It's hard to make money in music even more when the genre is metal. More Genres deserve more attention.

How much of a bonus do you think you deserve?

More money than this world could afford, IMHO

What celebrities give their own money to charities?

mother Teressa did good with her money if you want to know more about her look it up on wikipedia

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